Attunement Publication Vol. 1. Breath + Voice

This booklet presents a selection of exercises that aim to develop our listening skills. Taking inspiration from Pauline Oliveros’ 2005 book “Deep Listening”, this volume contains a series practical listening exercises that help explore new ways of being with others in the world. There are exercises you can try on your own, and exercises to be done in pairs or with a group. The purpose of each exercise is to learn and reflect on how to listen more carefully. Listening is central to human interaction, yet habits within Western culture tend to privilege speech and being heard over listening to and receiving others; we are quick to neglect listening and disregard its significance. This series of attunement booklets offer practical exercises designed to rescue us from the listening void.



Untitled (2017)

Limited edition lathe cut record. Each side of this record holds an part of the performance by musicians Balamohan Shingade and Robert Oliver from ‘Untitled’ (2017). Record cut by Peter King, NZ. Edition of 50.